Complete Engine Management Systems

2017 ComSyncEFI features:

Sequential timed multiport injection of up to 32 channels   Ignition Timing to the nearest .1 degree (50.0 to 0 Degrees)
Individual cylinder timing control   High flow fuel injectors
High performance sensors [map sensors, O2 sensors, and speed sensors]   Wiring components [pins, connectors of all types]
Individual cylinder fuel control   Separate stage and 5 gears timing control
Rev Limit by either fuel, ignition or both   Separate ignition Rev Limit for stage and 5 gears with spark control
Fuel Timing to the nearest millionth of a second   Injector Turn on Timing curve to time fuel delivery with valve opening
134 Megabytes of RAM (3.35 million cylinders) data logging for ease of tuning   268 Megabytes of FLASH (6.7 million cylinders) data logging for ease of tuning, enough to store your entire year.
Programmable with PC, or laptop   Completely programmable and adjustable with engine running at any RPM
Super fast 32 bit CPU, executes over 400 million instructions per second   Complete recalculation of fuel, ignition and injector timing every cylinder
115 kilobits Economical RS232 communications   12m or 920 kilobits Economical USB communications
10/100 ethernet communications   CAN 2.0B
12 bit A/D converters (up to 4,000,000 samples per sec   Up to 44 channels of analog data acquisition
Up to 11 channels of digital data acquisition   Up to 8 channels of RPM data acquisition
Up to 32 independent injector channels   Up to 12 independent spark trigger outputs
Individual cylinder overheating control with EGT's   Individual cylinder overheating shutoff with EGT's
Optional UEGO close loop on individual cylinders 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 or 8 sensors   Auxiliary Fuel control
Logs all data for each cylinder firing   Programmable MAT correction factor
Custom accelerator pump control   Automatic altitude correction
Onboard Barometric Pressure sensor   Onboard Battery voltage monitoring
Cold Junction compensation for up to 12 thermal couple inputs   Distributor less ignition system using high power or GM ignition coils
Software for 12, 8, 4, and 6 cylinder odd or even fire   2 Electronic Throttle Controllers
Radiator Fan control   Fuel pump Controls
Boost controller   Output for Digital Dashs
4 megabytes of reconfigurable flash memory   Real time onscreen data tracker for faster engine tuning
Graphical data logging software included   Tyco water tight reliable connectors
Custom software available Bluetooth Enabled